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Pencil and inks (digital)
150 points - Pencil and inks. This will be a digital commission. One character. Any subject type or matter. Just include a good description. Usual turn around is 2 or 3 days. Hi res file is emailed to you for your own use.
Colored (digital)
Same as pencil and ink (digital) above, but also colored. as above, I will also email you a high res file for you to print or whatever.
digital Color 2 characters
Same as above two commission types only you can have it be two characters. again subject matter is your choice and email of high res file emailed to you


Working on colors for Tailwands from Hashtag. Deadline is always nuts lately. I think i need some focus enhancing drugs or something because I keep losing focus and wanting to do other creative things all at once and this slows down my work and makes the deadline come and smack me in the head and then I am all like rush rush rush. I get it done but man....

The problem is I hear that these focus enhancers tend to also make you a less than tolerable person? Or make you less creative? Is this true? I don't know. I suppose I could google it but...deadlines.
Tired but feeling ok today. Working on some paid stuff and later on going to do some fun stuff involving everybody's favorite wall crawling nice guy

Okay, I am putting this out there,here goes:

My name is Roberto Torres and I am looking for a flatter for my current coloring gig. I am a diamond published colorist for 2 short stories (WHITE CHAPEL 5 pg one shot and STARMAGE from IDW and JC Delatorre) and also from the diamond distributed series from Hashtag studios (Tailwands) along with having pencil and inks credits on Bubba the redneck werewolf from CREATURE ENT. (…)

Currently I have 3 huge gigs on my desk and I need someone I can depend on to flat pages for me for the Tailwands series from Hashtag. There will be a contract to sign if you are selected. Again, this is a PAID job for hire.





Laying down flat colors using a program like Manga Studio 5 (preferred) or Photoshop (Not ideal but not a deal breaker.)



Know Proper formatting of a flattened page

Be willing to learn to adjust to my way of doing things(if necessary, but I most likely will just adapt to you since i am on a deadline schedule here as well)

Be available to talk via text, IM, skype, etc

Able to turn around flats quickly

Be willing to sign an NDA and contract for work for hire


This is a PAID DEADLINE ORIENTED  position. (no promises of exposure for work here)

This is not a glamorous job so please don't apply if you get bored or frustrated easily and later decide to walk off the project. ( I mean it.)

You will be paid via paypal

Payment every 6 pages

What you need to do: Send me a simple email with your name, experience, link to your portfolio of work and then send me 1 sample of sequential inked artwork you have flattened. I will provide a google drive folder for you to upload the files to in either Manga Studio 5 format (*.lip) or photoshop format (*.psd) No pinups samples please.

In return:

If your samples meet what I need then I will have a chat with you and I will give you the rate I am offering for the work. You are free to turn it down, of course. Just keep in mind that the rate will be per page and there are a lot of pages.

What I will be watching for:

Professionalism in our interactions

Timeliness of responses

How the files are constructed (some folks put inks and colors on same layer others separate all colors on their own layer, others leave lineart on one layer and colors on another, etc. none of these is the "right" way, by my way of reckoning. I just need to know what I am working with)

If you have done this for other colorists, please give me a reference, if not,  that's okay. This isn't exactly rocket science here. I just want to get an idea of who you are and how you work.

Benefits of working with me:

Your name will appear next to mine in the inside cover credits as colorist

You will get more work in the future if we work well together

Whenever I pass on any full coloring gigs due to having my plate too full already, I will refer them to you if you prove trust worthy and can show you can meet deadlines and have the chops for the work.

Actual, published material that is DIAMOND DISTRIBUTED with your name on it and real work experience as a colorist.

Send your stuff to and the google drive link for the files to be uploaded to is:…

One additional note: Rates offered can be negotiated but keep in mind you are being asked to FLAT not RENDER. Keep that in mind. Also, Comments that are rude or negative due to the rates offered will be met with 2 things: 1) stony silence 2) having your comment passed along to other professionals I know as we laugh about it over a beer. Disagreeing with the rate I offer is COMPLETELY acceptable. Deriding someone over them is unprofessional. Recognize that. Live that. Accept it. I see far too much of that on these forums and it's all kinds of unprofessional and in a deadline oriented environment, professionalism is paramount.
Overwatch: Reaper by RobTorres
Overwatch: Reaper
Finally got around to finishing this reaper. It was a little hard to finish because I am currently knee deep in paid coloring gigs but you have to know when to take a sanity break and do something from your own mind and creative side, yes? Anyway, here he is. Love this guy's design.        


Apr 17, 2015
12:33 pm
Apr 13, 2015
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Apr 7, 2015
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Apr 5, 2015
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Apr 3, 2015
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